The reference photos you provide to me will determine how much detail and accuracy I can provide. Please read below to understand better what to look for when providing your reference photos.

I know sometimes we just have to work with the photos we already have because of a pet passing away. This is totally okay! I will of course accept whatever photos you give me, however these are just guidelines to give you the absolute best portrait I possibly can.

Example 1

Bad Reference Photo

This is an example of a reference photo that would not be ideal. This photo has been taken too far away and in poor lighting, making it difficult to see fur patterns and general features of the cat.

Example 2

Good Reference Photo

This is a far better reference photo. The photo has been taken at a good distance and in good lighting - you can see the distinct colours and patterns in the fur and the eyes are bright.

This was taken on an average camera phone - you don't need a professional photo to get a great reference photo. All you need is a steady hand, good lighting, and ensuring you are at a relatively close distance to get those finer details.